So, I'm in a bit of a funk. Like I said in a previous post, I'm having trouble finding a balance in my life. I feel pulled in lots of different directions and it doesn't leave me lots of time for free thought or flights of fancy. Consequently, the pieces I have been dinking with in the studio and not well thought out and are, frankly, dumpy and unimaginative. It's frustrating.

In an attempt to get my groove back, I have been trolling the web for images to think about. Something to fill the pot, so to speak. I have long been interested in Mid Century Modernist design and want to explore this design sensibility. I like the straight forwardness of it and the lack of frill and sappiness. Valentine's day is throwing me for a loop, I think. I'm not a sappy heart person, or an unsappy heart person for that matter. I had a baby on Valentine's day, that's my holiday. So, I think I'm going to forget Valentine's and concentrate on looking and listening to myself and making some pieces that speak far past the coming holiday...


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