Spring is finally here!!

Oh my gosh, spring couldn't have come any sooner. That last 4" of snow about killed me. The kids loved it, sure, but I've had enough coats and snow boots for one year, thankyouverymuch. In celebration of spring, I bought these awesome vintage class cabochons from a seller on Etsy. Orange is my very favorite color so I could hardly resist. I added 3 turquoise "dew drops" beneath the flowers to keep them fresh. I love the way this turned out. I learned a lot making this piece, it was a good exercise in setting an irregular piece. Thin bezel material and lots or measuring insured a very snug fit. The finish on this piece was a good problem solving exercise as well. It couldn't be tumbled because of the fragility of the glass and it couldn't be polished on the buff because of all the nooks and crannies. I finally decided to set the turquoise, tumble for a half hour and then set the glass. I finished off with a bit of rouge and a brushed finish and it was done. I'm super pleased with it! It was a hard one to list, I wanted to keep it, but I have three glass pieces left so I may make one for myself!!

Happy Spring!!!
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