New goodies have arrived!!

A package as intriguing and beautiful as it's contents arrived today! Christmas came a little early for me so it can be right on time for you!! I have never ordered gemstones from overseas but I thought the time was right to start experimenting with some new setting techniques so I dove in. Along with another Etsymetal teammate, I ordered all kinds of goodies! Rubies, prehnites, garnets, rutile quartz, and iolite, just to name a few. The package arrived wrapped in cloth and tied with string, fastened with red sealing wax. It was almost to pretty to open. All the way from Bombay, India...I'm loving my new stash!

Be on the lookout for new ruby earrings: some big and luxurious, others teeny tiny and super wearable, big rings and maybe a few simple one of a kind pendants! I'm also working on new Orbit pieces, perhaps a bracelet??? Stay tuned!!!


  1. Ooooo! I like gemstone jewelry! Get those creative juices flowing, Ann!


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