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Happy 2011 everyone! I hope your year is off to a happy and healthy new start!

Here it is, a brand new year and team Etsymetal is thinking about the future, so we are blogging about our personal and/or business goals for 2011. It's a heavy subject. Here I am, the year spanning out in front of me, full of possibilities. By February I'm usually so ground down to a pulp that I'm slogging along in my routine, unable to affect any real change. I'd like this year to be different. I'd like to make a short list of goals, right here and now, and really work to make some positive change in my business and my life.

I'd like Hartleystudio to get it's act together and become a real business. I have been saying that I need to make it official for about a year now but have been too terrified to take the plunge. This year, it's go time. Tax ID number, here I come,...I'll figure out the paperwork later. I'd like to open a second shop on Etsy to explore color in jewelry. I love colored stones and I think they need their own venue. I think a second shop will be an excellent place for me to stretch out and try some new setting techniques and new designs. Lastly, I have committed to a personal challenge with about 125 other metalsmiths. I have signed up for Ring a Week (RAW), an offshoot of last year's incredible Ring a Day challenge. With RAW I hope to concentrate on pieces for myself and not to sell. I miss making art and I see this as an opportunity to express some ideas that have been hanging around for a long time. I will be posting here each week on my progress. You can also check out our progress here.

Personally, it's time for me to start really spending time with my family. I am so busy doing stuff I think is important and missing all the stuff that really matters. I want to get messy with my kids and teach them a thing or two about art and life, not just about why we brush our teeth and have to wear a hat when it's cold outside. I want to be less self conscious and more comfortable with my self and my body. I have been watching other mothers pass their body and food issues onto their daughters and it's sad to watch. I want my son and daughter to grow up thinking they are perfect, just the way they are. Lastly, and I think this ties into becoming more comfortable with myself, I'd like to make an effort to make more friends. Ben and I are chronic homebodies and have become way too comfortable here. We need a social life that doesn't revolve around our kids and each other. The next time someone invites us out, we're there. No matter what.

I'm glad I wrote all this down. I feel accountable now and will check back from time to time to gauge my progress. How about you?? What would you like to change in 2011? Personally? Professionally? I'd love to know. If you're nosy, like me, you'll love reading what my teammates have planned for the new year, here are their blogs.

Inbar Bareket
Elizabeth Scott
Catherine Chandler
Thomasin Durgin


  1. You've set some great goals for yourself, I love the second shop idea. Good luck and can't wait to see what you make for RAW!

  2. The RAW sounds so cool. Wish I had the $ to drive in and take the challenge. So I will have to live vicariously through you and the others... Can't wait to see all the new 2011 rings.

  3. RAW doesn't have to be expensive! The rings don't have to be made of metal, they can be made out of anything. Please join us!!


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