Susan and Jason's wedding rings, part 2

The next step, once the inside diameter is the size you need, is to carve the wax to the correct outside diameter. For Susan and Jason's rings, they need to be about 2-3mm thick. I haven't ever made a ring this way so I left myself a little extra material to work with later. Susan's ring is cut to about 3mm thick and I took a little bit more off Jason's, just to see what works better. I may have to do one or both of these over again.

This is the tool that cuts the face of the wax. The tube spins and a little bit of wax is removed on each pass across. The tool has to be precisely placed in order to cut cleanly and efficiently. For wax cutting this isn't a a dire issue but it makes the process much easier if the tool is positioned correctly.
The tool moves across the wax tube cutting very slowly, cutting ribbons of wax...
Like this.
And this.
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