Susan and Json's wedding rings, part 3

OK, we're almost done making a ring blank. This next step is facing the ring. This will ensure that the edge of the ring is perfectly square with the rest of the ring. This tool removes a tiny bit of wax from the edge.
Next, I measure with a cailper and mark where I want the ring cut off the tube. Susan and Jason's rings will be 6mm wide so I cut them off at 7mm, to give myself some extra material to work with later.
This is the cut off tool in action. My husband said, "this is the fun part were it goes flying across the room and we have to go looking for it!!!" Yes, he was serious. I explained to him why this wouldn't work so we caught it on the end of a pencil.
Here is one ring blank all cut off. There was a little flashing that I'll file off when I start working on these rings at my bench.
And, here they are, as plain, straight ring blanks. Both the right size and thickness. Using the lathe for this step was really interesting. There is so much more I can do with this tool and I'm excited to play with it again. For now, however, the lathe work is over and I will move these waxes to my bench to finish them with more traditional tools. Check back for more of the process this week!!
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