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This month's topic for the Etsymetal blog carnival is "Who/What is your studio mascot". "Does he/she/it inspire you? Watch you? Encourage you? Impede your work"

For those of you who aren't familiar with a blog carnival, every month members of the Etsymetal team choose a topic to write about and we all link to each other's blog. Get it? If you like a topic, find it interesting, there are lots of viewpoints and opinions!

I can't think of anyone else I'd rather call my studio mascot than my patient, loving and awesome husband, Ben! Back in 2008 we were having a really shitty summer. We had lots of stress and lots of bad stuff happen and, in the midst of it all, he built me my studio and encouraged (he would say forced at knife point) me to open my shop on Etsy. He had a vision for this crappy shed that, at the time, was full of old junk and mouse poop. I never thought it could turn into anything and now, it's my incredible space. Made just for me.

This picture is my Father in Law, my husband and my son, all working together to build me a studio. Three generations, all working together!!!

Every time I am blue and feeling like Etsy isn't working out for me, he is there to encourage me, or bring me a chocolate bar and a diet coke. Every time I melt some important piece or break a stone, he is there to make me realize it's just jewelry, not brain surgery. Every time I stay out way too late in the studio and come to bed long after he has gone to sleep, he makes me coffee in the morning and hustles the kids into the basement so I can sleep a little later. He is the maker of all things, the fixer of all things, the answer to all questions and the best husband and father I could ever imagine. He's not just my studio mascot, he's my studio hero!! Ben is also a very accomplished woodworker, so he understands my need for tools! Sometimes I think he understands the whole tool thing a little too well. He has made my studio work flawlessly for me. From hooking the pickle pot up to the light switch so I don't forget to unplug it, to installing a switch so my flex shaft and drill press can use the same foot pedal without unplugging it, there is nothing my studio is wanting. He has encouraged every thought, every need, every whim.

So, here's to my incredible studio mascot!!! Thanks Ben!! You're the best!!

Well, with lots of shows going on and lots of busy metalsmiths, it looks like there are only a few bloggers this month. Want to ready about their studio mascots? Check them out here!!:

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  1. oh what a keeper he sounds wonderfully supportive and loving!
    I love your space its fantastic!
    Loved hearing your thoughts :)
    Im a bit late but here is my June Mascot Blog Carnival:

  2. How wonderful to have a space to work in--your Ben sounds like a really great guy!

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